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Howdy folks!

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That out of the way, we got 'the call' today. Sorta. We got a call from the unit XO with the Alert Order that they are currently slated for a mobe in Febuary.... 2013.... They're gonna give us more info at his drill in May. It just struck me as a bit odd. We've never gotten notice for that far out before. Heck, last time we had 30 days from alert to deployment. I'm wondering if they've been told to let us know because its likely to change very soon. Anyone else gotten an alert this far out before? I'm not really too concerned right now - just surprised and a little confused lol. Any insight?

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Hello Everyone

I wanted to introduce myself and my soldier. My name is Sara and my soldier's name is Harvey. He is a MP in the US Army. He is currently in New Mexico and will be deployed to Afghanistan for 12-18 months. We have been together for 7 years and have a beautiful baby boy Kadyn who is 3 years old. Harvey and I met in High school. We were in a JROTC program and thats where I saw him. I loved him since. We began dating my junior year and have been together ever since. He joined the army at 17 years old and went for training at 18. I waited 6 months for him to complete his training and now going to be waiting over a year. He has actually been gone since Jan. He went to Missouri then New Jersey then back to Missouri, home for 2 weeks then Texas, then New Mexico. Wednesday I will see him for 4 days when I fly out to Vegas and him and his buddies have leave and will be driving there and getting me from the air port. I am pretty excited. This is his first deployment and I am nervous, but I love and support him all the way!

Hey new blog, please join??

 Hey everyone I started a new blog and it's about a man very close to me who is leaving in two weeks for Iraq. The blog is going to follow all the ups and downs that well go through. But, its just not for me its for other also who have loved ones in the military, no matter what branch. You can leave comments, tell your own stories, ask advice or anything. I started this because I know I'm not the only one going through this and that a lot of people can relate.

I would love for any of you to be my friends, and go through this year with me. Thank you for your time! 


Fort Drum Housing

I'm going to end up cross posting this because I want to get as many answers as possible

My Husband is PCS-ing to Fort Drum soon and we would like off-post housing because I will not be joining him immediately since I have one year left of my Master's (we'll only be six hours away from each other).

When he graduates from CBOLC and comes home we're going up there to look at several apartments.

My main point for posting is because I just want to know if anyone has any suggestions of places to look at, or any horror stories of places off post they have lived.

Thank You in advance : )

hey Im new : )

hey all! I don't go on livejournal much but heres a poem that reminds me of my rct bf. This journey is just beginning for me and bootcamp is just the beginning I guess you could say (33 days left until graduation! )I know this is all for military significant others so I hope no one takes it the wrong way but its geared more towards marine corps. I still love this poem though it really makes me think about how distance and time can't wear down love.Hope everyone likes it because i sure did.


Loving you is so hard

I could tell you its easy
To love you is unreal
To not hear you
To not see you
Those are things I wish you could feel

I send my heart in letters
I send my love in words
I wonder with time
Where does it seem to go?

To be your girl is strength
Did you know ?
You drafted me too
It’s scary in phase 1
It’s frustrating in phase 2
I’m excited to see how I’ll feel in phase 3
Can you believe what I can do?

You wear your cami
I’ll wear your shirt
You sleep on a rack at night
I lay sleeplessly tonight

I take love with you in any form
Even when I feel like no one can see
My love is beyond the absence of time
My love is made for a future marine

My Marine
Im proud to say it
God made girls like me for Men who were made for the U.S Marines.


I know Im not on here much, but..

if you know your soldiers INFO, or can email it to them, SCion is sending free care pkgs.

Go to http://www.letssaythanks.com and send off a mssg to our troops

And, if you are like me and you go through a LOT of phones, send them out to the soldiers.



i no longer have a military love

Hi! I'm sad to say that I'm no longer in a relationship, and although it makes me sad I wouldn't of have changed it for the world.

dont forget to say thank you

to those who are fighting for us..
many of you as military SO's will feel touched by this.. i did.. especially the ones who's SO's are away during the holidays.. like my boyfriend.. so take a lil time to say thank to those who can't be home..

Happy 234th Birthday Marine Corp!

Just wanted to wish all past and present Marines from all over a Happy Birthday and thank you for serving our country.

I hope mine can enjoy a nice slice a cake.

If I could, I'd give him a Katamari-themed one :3

Stay safe to anyone overseas and remember there's always someone at home thinking of you!

Training Question...

First, let me start by saying that anyone who has been affected by the Ft. Hood happenings is in my thoughts...so sad and scary.

Now my question (which I know few will have answers too):

Does anyone have any information on what the training is like at Ft. Eustis/Lee for Transportation Corps.  My boyfriend will finish OCS at the beginning of next month and that's where he will be going next.  He doesn't know much right now and I was hoping that someone would have any information: length of training, if the training is backed up, living arrangement options.  Any information would be GREATLY appreciated.