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Military Signif's

For Anyone Significant in a Soldier's Life!

Military Significant Others, including Girlfriends
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This group for ALL military significant others. Signif includes family & friends
This group was created by two military girlfriends who were FED UP with the other military communities, who censored us and our posts due to differing opinions on love, life, and our soldiers. This group is for ALL military significant others, not just wives, not just girlfriends (or boyfriends!). We keep the drama to a minimum, and we all support each other. We try to be like a family for anyone who needs us. This is an open forum and there will be little-to-no censorship, we just ask that you respect everyones opinions and not be rude.

God bless our soldiers.

This ALSO includes siblings, parents, best fiends of, and whatever other relationship, with a soldier. :)

SIGNIFICANT does NOT just mean significant others. It means ANYONE significant to soldiers in their lives

*moderated by scarred_dragon and karmakat. Kat has pretty much taken a back seat since her and her soldier broke up, but she still lurks around. I've pretty much taken over moderating, so feel free to contact me with ANYTHING you need about ANYTHING. My email address is in the profile! :)